Our Story

Our Story

We have the knowledge and experience in handling every aspect in bag manufacturing.

Up to now, our founder Mr Le has been in bag business for nearly 30 years. In 1990, he left his hometown Datian to adjacent city Quanzhou, and got his first job at a bag factory. At that time, he never knew bag manufacturing would be his lifelong career. He started from the bottom work by carrying fabrics from the truck to factory warehouses. In the next few years, he had been successively involved in sewing, cutting, making samples, purchasing materials. In 1999, he was promoted to purchasing manager and held the position until 2004 as Production Director who was responsible for operating the entire factory. Along the way, not only does he know every aspect in bag manufacturing, but he also participated in it personally. These experiences laid solid foundation for us to build a strong supply network and know how to better control the production.

In 2009, the factory he stayed underwent business transformation. He thought it was time to start his own business to realize his operation philosophy. He told his team members his ideas and was ready to say goodbye to them. Surprisingly, he not only got their support, but also got their follow. After half a year of preparation, our factory was set up in the spring 2010.

team up with our customers, providing them with the best possible service and price with guaranteed quality is what we focus on. We always be down to earth and stay ground. This mentality is reflected in our safety, reliability and integrity while dealing with our customers. We believe that success is a win-win process, our right products and pricing will promote customer success, and customer success will in turn enhance us.

This principle helped us grow rapidly as a big factory with nearly 400 staffs, and we have already built good long-term business relationships with many customers. What we are most proud of and most appreciate is that our first customer is still doing business with us.

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