Social compliance

Social compliance

Protect The Human Rights Of Our Workers

It is our core value to be social responsible and to protect the human rights of our workers. We can meet the industrial standards and local law requirements, and we supports sustainable implementation of the principles such as:

1.     Child laborNo any use and support of child labor.
2.     Forced and compulsory labor: Obey labor voluntary principle, no any forced or compulsory labor
3.     Health and safety: Assess each labor's health status, provide safe & healthy workplace, standardized use machines ; provide emergence rescue guide and simple aids equipment.
4.     Labor time: Strict follow local law working time.
5.     Freedom of Association and Right to collective bargaining: Respect the right to form and join trade unions and bargain collectively.
6.     Remuneration: Respect right of personal to living wage, reasonable paid according to local law.
7.     Insurance: Make sure every labor was protected under law with insurance. 
8.     Environmental policy: Set up garbage classification, sufficient advertise and guideline for environmental protect.
9.     Management System: Facilities seeking to gain and maintain certification must go beyond simple compliance to integrate the standard into their management systems and practices.

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